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  1. The Vulnerability of Dating
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However, her inability to express emotions was her attempt to not be viewed as vulnerable. The same thing also happens in the context of relationships.

The Vulnerability of Dating

People, especially women, try to present themselves in a very specific way early on in the relationship. As one wrong expression can lead to views of being crazy, damaged goods, or unable to maintain a stable relationship. Through failure to express vulnerability, you are not showing up as your authentic self in the context of these relationships. Is that even worth it in the long term? Usually no because honey your real self is going to make an appearance one day. Many women, especially successful women, struggle with expressing vulnerability due to a number of reasons.

Although many of these views are antiquated and rooted in women passively occupying spaces, these norms are still fairly prevalent today.

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So what do you do instead? Many women are successful because they learn to be constrained in their emotions, create a calculated plan and outline their specific goals.

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Nowhere in the script is there an opportunity for successful women to be vulnerable and demonstrate a range of feelings. Expression of too many feelings is equated to being weak, emotional, or PMSing.

Crack Open His Heart Using Vulnerability In Your Relationships

You not only represent yourself but also your family, your community, and your race. For instance, at face value, I come off as a prude, shy, and have limited life experiences.

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However, in real life, I am pretty outspoken and have a very complex past. I am not a victim to my circumstances.

Next time you are interested in someone, I encourage you to explore the power of authenticity and vulnerability. One way to begin to do this is to think about one thing that people may not know about you that you are comfortable sharing and share that.

The Vulnerability of Dating | Bravester

Your future bae will love your authentic self and it will lead to an open, honest and healthy future relationship. I shared the same feelings as Camilla β€” that opening up about my vulnerability would make me unattractive. Eventually, as things developed, I overcame this fear β€” but it does beg the question: What makes us think vulnerability is unattractive β€” and is it really an unattractive trait?

And now, on to the most intriguing bit: Finding insecurity unattractive may be a reflection on someone else, as Sam says: The individuals that find insecurity unattractive may have their own difficulties. Stop taking tattoo ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. Sorry, this video isn't available any more.