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Initially, men might also be allowed to create an account for free but in order to use any tools, they are expected to upgrade their accounts. Eventually, the price seems to be fair as the services provided are exclusive and high-quality. Also, niche sites for rich people offer sets of premium services that are being paid for separately.

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Such services are expected to make a date even more special — expensive cars, luxurious restaurants, other extra concierge services. Usually, those who create their accounts on sites for millionaires are interested in keeping their private life in a secret. It is doubtful that any rich person would be eager to tell publicly that he or she is looking for a partner on a dating platform even if the site is the best the one could imagine.

For this reason, portals for millionaires are commonly concerned with tools that would make the site even more secure and discreet. On good websites, it is possible to create private photo galleries which the one discloses only to those whom he trusts; it is possible to blur and hide parts of pictures if the one is not ready to disclose his personality immediately; it is possible to limit an access to some sections of the profile in a case the one treats them as too private; it is possible to communicate via secure internal emails that face no risks of leakage or external intrusions; etc.

Evidently, platforms for millionaires make almost tangible emphasis on the protection of privacy their customers value so much. Taking these aspects into account it is pretty easy to grasp the differences between regular dating venues and the ones developed for rich people.

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Being a client of a niche dating portal you receive high-quality services and you may expect the respect towards you and your needs. But you are supposed to pay a fair price for the support you get, for the privacy you enjoy, and for the opportunities you are being offered. If you are sure that dating rich people is exactly what you lack in life then it would be a good idea for you to choose one of the most reputable niche platforms and to give it a try. Find Your Way to the World of Millionaire Dating It might seem to be a mystery why so many rich and successful people are alone.

Top 10 Millionaire MatchMaker & Rich Men Dating Sites Reviews 2016

Over 52 million members worldwide Service for discreet meetings for those seeking affairs or relationships Absolute privacy and anonymity of users provided Convenient and functional site Mobile app available for iOS and Android Opportunity to find a partner in the city you visit Service indicates types of relationship users are looking for Free registration with main features available. Over 3 million members worldwide Successful provider for wealthy people to build long-term relationships High price and quality of service Service provides users verification Easy and convenient site Offers wide variety of communication tools for members Service indicates types of relationship users are looking for.

Thousands of members worldwide Service unites rich users in search of partners Provides free users with all instruments Simple interface of a website Availability of having personal assistant to take care of all the dating-related issues hour assistance via phone No information can leak to public eyes from service.

A home for 3 million users around the world A discreet venue for those, looking for side affairs Rich on exciting features to connect with users A panic button for keeping your secrets safe. Convenient communication platforms; Unite people with the same interests; Help to connect with the decent partners: I am recovering from major surgery so watching lots of Netflix! I am don't agree w people having issues with the financial "millionaire" prerequisite to me is NOT the issue. Dating and meeting people, teaching grown men or women common sense manners and respect is needed in this world!

I feel it takes away from real issues but this woman and the way she treats her staff is ridiculous! One show she snapped her fingers and told the dumb minions to get to work.

She treats them horrifically! The show could have carried out the match making and even in my opinion had more support from people with the financial prerequisite but her attitude while once in every 10 times may be correct her delivery to the client and staff is horrendous!

Distinguishing Millionaire Dating Sites from Other Niche Dating Platforms

I feel bad for. Despite having the money to hire her finding the perfect mate is difficult enough and the show could have made it tasteful! The way that she speaks to her staff and her bossy, overbearing attitude, rude comments to people are not acceptable! If she worked for a corporation she would be fired! I believe she is ugly, insecure, and nasty to give herself a power high! The network obviously like all these other shows are trying to get ratings but to allow her to go so overboard and clearly present herself most of the times as someone with severe mental health issues and lack of her own self esteem is CLEARLY recognized!!

She needs some medication and severe therapy and I think David her man must have a nervous breakdown dealing w her.

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She is NOT that attractive herself and I don't mean just the outside looks but her inside screams insecurity and she treats people like animals! She needs to be put in her place and the show could have most likely had a better response. I think she is so insecure the only way she can feel good about herself is to put others down or when she succeeds at Kiki a match in my opinion most of Her workers as she puts them down every chance she gets actually does the work.

She is out of control and if the network selected a calmer, nicer, person that actually has self esteem the show could be great! It is really wrong when she puts people down and tells them their shoes are ugly, their hair is disgusting, her staff is stupid Shame on the network and anyone who doesn't hold her accountable! She sets a terrible example of a business woman, a lady, and for trying to teach people respect she treats people horrible!

She states every chance she can she doesn't like not being listened to. She really needs some psychological help. Keep the show get rid of her and give her staff a raise and some credit! What kills me is when she sends candidates who go on national TV to take a chance and she tells them how ugly they are, their shoes are disgusting, they are gross etc, and most of the time the candidates look and act a heck of a lot better then her!

It's already a controversial show due to the financial aspect but to throw in a woman who has ZERO class as a lady, business woman, or human being run it makes it horrific!

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I believe in any financial class relationships are hard enough to find the right person. So I don't have an issue w the millionaire component but I seriously have an issue with how she is permitted to break every human resources law expected from any other company. One would think dealing with higher class clients you could surely find a lady with more class to be the example. Again, to me and most people I've talked to it is clearly evident that she has zero self esteem and she only feels good putting people down or taking all the credit for something she most likely didn't do the leg work for.

I would like to know how she can get away with speaking to her employees the way she does. If the millionaires choose to spend their money for a chance at finding someone that's on them and it does appear it has worked but she should not be permitted to real every human resources law basically in every state just because she's on a TV show.

Get her some medication, counseling, and find a lady or savvy tough respectful business woman. And if you are going to put someone down for their looks they should take a long look on the mirror first! She is not pretty inside or out! She truly disgusts me and I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with her.

MillionaireMatch Reviews - 32 Reviews of | Sitejabber

She probably has always struggled with her weight, most likely been picked on for most of her life, and for whatever reason she's the expert for this show is just a lack of respect to all women and I believe it takes advantage of even the clients despite how much money they have. People get hung up on their income to me, I see them as people who have worked hard to be financially stable and that shouldn't be held against another person who is blue collar that is looking for the same thing but NOBODY should have to endure the outspoken, rude, and mentally unstable person who acts like she's OK speed half the time.

Get some class people. These are all human beings!

I Joined Millionaire Match

Take her off and get her some help! Not by this show but by the sheer number of closed minded people who just don't get it. This show portrays SOME women as gold diggers. Which is absolutely true. And besides, people should realise that a woman who is very pretty, single and waitressing can either continue waitressing or This show just milks the stereotype of a rich old man seeking a young beautiful woman for a lifelong bed partner" Firstly not everyone on this show is a poor woman seeking a rich man.

Many of the female seekers are not waitresses or students but engaged in worthwhile occupations! Some are also poor gay men seeking a rich gay man too! And some are rich women seeking a rich there's that word again! However the majority of people would prefer to believe that it is either immoral or particularly "stupid" to be poor and deliberately seek a richer partner in this appallingly awful economy. Of course, none of whom take the time to explain exactly why it is a sign of stupidity to be a poor beautiful woman who would prefer to better her life. But perhaps that says far more about the reviewer Sigh, it's very obvious that those who rated the whole series of shows at one star barely watched a whole episode - let alone the whole series before reviewing!

Please try watching more than one episode before reviewing the whole series on it!

watch So, having watched three series of this show I can tell you angry one shot, one star reviewers that: In some episodes that you didn't bother to view it's a rich, single older woman, cougar who is seeking a young playboy. Why then are there so many scathing reviews here? Well, it's not because the show is poorly produced, or uninteresting.

Most people just can't handle the truth that for a minority of beautiful, but cash poor people regardless of their assumed intellect, or lack thereof there is a potential easy way out - meet and marry a person with means, and bye bye money problems! That that solution is only open to a very few people makes it an unpopular one and, by definition, an unpopular show. Meanwhile, the very real reason that Millionaire Matchmaker is rated so lowly is this: People want to believe that the only MORAL way to success is to slave away for years on end and hopefully be one day promoted.

They hate to think that for a very few - there is a short cut to success which is not available to them. And this show is based on that indigestible reality which pains so many people who have taken out their anger at the unfairness of such near instant, luck blessed success - by repeatedly rating this show at a just as unfairly low one out of ten.

The Review

In other words, sure - life sucks for most of us, but at least this reviewer very much enjoyed watching many episodes of this most interesting show, simply by - keeping my mind open. The fact that this show rubs instant success in the faces of so many who are unqualified for the fantasy within - because most male AND!! Also if people bothered watching more than one episode they might find it interesting that quite a few of the so called millionaires are more dumb than the women they are seeking to date, which is very amusing to watch. Anyway, please blame nature for the unfairness of the reality within this show.

Thankfully it's also the nature of a few which makes this show so interesting. Take the show with a pinch of salt and you should enjoy it far more than the majority of closed minded, 'morally superior' folk. I know everyone who has a comment on this show says it's revolting and awful but I beg to differ. In my opinion, it's a good way to see how other people live. I find it highly entertaining, and it's one of the few shows that doesn't have anything to do with drugs or sex, and has minimal language. I think we can all agree with that, right? People who enjoy watching factual, more educational programs wouldn't enjoy this.

But, a young generation of kids would watch this if they're into Hollywood pop culture. I really like the show but I hear that it was canceled, I hope not! I agree with all 9 reviews actually, I fully understand why some people will view this as "disgusting". But also, there are some genuine stories and I like that Patti tells off the millionaires. Some of them are so awful I would not date them even if I was paid for it! I saw it twice, and although I liked it the first time, then when I looked at it again, I didn't like the guy. I realised that his goal for being on the show was to advertise his hotel, and probably if he could meet someone nice in the process it was a bonus.

This was obvious and it made him despicable from the moment he appeared on the screen. In that same episode, that rich and shy Jewish guy was a gentleman and his date went well, a meal and some salsa dancing. You have 24hr to get to know your date and show her your life and you pee in front of her because you can't be bothered to walk to the toilet!??! Anyhow, this show is somewhat entertaining and it does one good thing for us normal people: At the end of the day, whether you agree with what Patti does or not, there is one truth: Five years long sosapierce 30 December When I first experienced a few episodes of this I didn't know it had been on the air this long.