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  2. Maddie Ziegler calls Dance Moms 'the worst' | Daily Mail Online
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  4. Maddie Ziegler calls Dance Moms 'the worst'
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Up in the booth, Christi talks about how everyone has a sweet memory of their first love, even if it ends poorly. Her first love sucked and her second love is dead, apparently.

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My first love was pizza, and we still share a long-lasting, secret, passionate relationship behind closed doors. I am so glad I discovered your blog. Even though I watched the show, this recap is hilarious. It makes me laugh that my straight husband who watches dance moms notices some of the same stuff you do that I would never see!

Maddie Ziegler calls Dance Moms 'the worst' | Daily Mail Online

But it was hard to see Brooke as the mom and Maddie as the daughter, I never would have figured out what this routine was suppose to be about as everyone looked like they were getting married that day. Did the preview of the next show look like the girls were in the army? And doing a hip hop number? As Maddie said, they do not hip or hop.

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Which makes me think they are going to suck as a group dance. I predict a whole lot of yelling and name calling for the next episode. I love this freaking blog.

I am unnaturally obsessed with this show but I have some unpopular opinions … one being that I really liked the new blood on the show. Chloe nonsense and the same old storyline being re-hashed. Watch our trailer of trailers.

All's Fair in Love and War 05 Mar Before they leave for the competition, the moms take Abby speed dating in the hopes that if she found a man, she would be nicer to the girls. Jill's competitive side rears its ugly head when she tries to get Kendall private lessons so she can outshine Nia in their duet. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial.

Maddie Ziegler calls Dance Moms 'the worst'

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Sometimes, you can have too thick a skin and this was one of those times. He is quite debonair— for a teenager. You'll love this 10 signs you're a Dance Moms fan.

Ultimate Trivia App - For Dance Moms Fans Pro Answers for iPhone - iPad

When it comes to the ALDC, there's a fine line between being a casual voyeur of life at the venerable dance studio and being a committed Dance Moms fan, as any true super fan will know. The time she sat in her car eating junk food A cracking example from Abby at her most shameless from earlier this season proves that she is not getting better with age.