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Local Speed Dating Events in Manchester - Slow Dating

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20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Guys - Jubilee x Solfa

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Reviews of this event

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Singles Over 50 Meetups in Manchester

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We have exclusive use of the upstairs function rooms for our events.

The original Manchester Revolution is one of the coolest of the celebrated vodka bars. We have exclusive use of their upstairs Loft bar for our events. One of the all-conquering vodka bar chain, this venue is situated just off Deansgate, right in the heart of Manchester's best bar and restaurant area. Situated in the heart of the busy Deansgate Locks area, this is the flagship Manchester venue for the award-winning Revolution group. Wilmslow's hippest new venue is situated in the heart of one of Britain's most well-heeled areas.

We have exclusive use of the upstairs function room for our Elite events. Speed daters receive a complimentary glass of champagne on entry. This spectacular Vegas-style casino contains two of the best bars in Manchester and the infamous James Martin restaurant. They have several great spaces providing a stylish setting for our events. Situated in the popular Deansgate Locks area, this three-storey independent venue provides a uniquely stylish alternative to the identikit bars on the rest of the strip. Our events are held in the top-floor Attic and Study areas. Manchester's premier casino chain invites you into its flagship venue for a night of high rolling and fast living!

Incorporating a fantastic restaurant and stylish bar, Didsbury's premier casino provides a suitably glamorous setting for our speed dating events. Manchester's biggest and best casino opens it's doors to Fastlove for our speed dating events. We have exclusive use of their VIP function room. The premium city centre nightclub opens its doors to us for our speed dating events.